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T he man, who has never been to Turkmenistan, this country is presented lost in the heart of Asia in the hot, boundless sand of Great desert Karakumy. But it is only the first impression, and after visiting Turkmenistan it is changed by the deep feeling of attachment to this country with the rich vegetable and animal kingdom, variety of landscape and climatic zones. Turkmenistan has the ancient and rich history with its events, which remained many traces in the form of splendid architectural monuments, forts and medrese that allocated in five velayats forming modern Turkmenistan. The tourist routes are passing through each velayat, opening the monuments of the most ancient civilization of the world. These monuments show the high development of earlier state formation in Turkmenistan. Parfiya, Khorezm, Margiana only the names of these states in which the civilization prosperity in the past and which formed the ethnogenetic basis of the modern Turkmen people. These states speak about rich, cultural heritage, which is very interesting for the people who love the history of ancient time.

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